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7 House And Roof Color Combinations In 2023 (Style Guide)

Calender 09/15/2023
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Choosing the perfect color combination for your house and roof can be daunting. We’ve been there, wrestling with samples to find that perfect blend that matches our styles while improving curb appeal.

Ready to upgrade your roof?

This article is your handy guide to navigate through popular house and roof color combinations in 2023, backed up by research and expert advice from James Hardie’s blog. Ready for an exterior makeover?

7 House and Roof Color Combinations for 2023 

In 2023, homeowners have several appealing options for house and roof color combinations. These combinations can enhance the overall aesthetic of a home and make it stand out in the neighborhood.

Whether you prefer light gray siding with a dark gray roof or white siding with a gray metal roof, there’s sure to be a combination that suits your taste and style. Let’s explore some popular choices for 2023!

Light Grey Siding with Dark Gray Roof

house with gray siding and dark roof

Light gray siding with a dark gray roof presents an aesthetically pleasing and timeless color combination. We find this pairing visually stunning and versatile, complementing various architectural styles, from modern to traditional designs.

The light gray siding creates a cool neutral backdrop that allows your home’s unique features to stand out beautifully. On the other hand, the dark gray roof adds contrast and depth, creating a visual balance that draws the eye upward without overpowering the overall design aesthetics of your home.

These combinations work well with both black and white accents, enhancing curb appeal while keeping the house looking fresh year-round.

White House with Black Roof

The combination of a white house with a black roof is classic and timeless. It highlights our love for modern yet elegant design schemes. This color collaboration sets the stage for an impressive exterior that turns heads in any neighborhood.

The stark contrast between the bright white siding and the eye-catching black roof creates striking visual tension.

White houses generally work well with most roofing colors, but pairing it with a black roof exudes sophistication and style. Black roofs offer excellent energy efficiency by absorbing heat during cooler months.

Dark Gray Siding with Charcoal Roof 

Dark gray siding paired with a charcoal roof offers an aesthetic both modern and classic. The dark color scheme pulls in sophistication, adding depth to your home’s overall appearance.

This combination works particularly well for homes with contemporary architectural styles. Contrary to popular belief, darker hues can make your house seem larger rather than smaller.

Dark gray siding provides a sleek look, harmonizing perfectly with the intensity of a charcoal roof. A robust choice like this can withstand severe weather conditions while maintaining its striking facade year-round, which makes it one of our favorite house and roof color combinations for 2023.

Wood Siding with Brown Roof 

Wood siding with a brown roof is a popular and timeless color combination for 2023. This classic pairing offers both warmth and sophistication to any home exterior. Whether you have a white, blue, or beige house, a brown roof can beautifully complement the natural tones of wood siding.

Traditional cedar siding, known for its lightweight and easy-to-shape properties, is an excellent choice for this look. Consider using a visualizer tool to better understand how wood siding with a brown roof will enhance the overall aesthetic of your home.

Red Brick with Brown Roof 

house with brown metal roof and brick walls

Red brick with a brown roof is an appealing combination for your home in 2023. The red brick has a cool, brown cast that adds warmth and character to the exterior. To enhance the overall look, incorporate stone accents into the design.

For the roof color, a cool blueish-gray shade is recommended as it complements the red brick and creates a sophisticated yet rustic aesthetic. This color combination will surely make your home stand out in style while maintaining its timeless appeal.

Stone Siding with Gray Roof

Stone siding with a gray roof is one of the top house and roof color combinations for 2023. It creates a stunning and timeless look that adds elegance to any home exterior. The combination of natural stone siding with a gray roof offers a beautiful contrast, bringing out the texture and depth of the stone.

When paired with white or blue accents, such as trim or landscaping elements, it further enhances the overall aesthetic appeal. Additionally, using PU paint as a polymer coating on the stone veneer ensures longevity and protection against weathering.

With a visualizer tool available, homeowners can easily preview how this combination will look on their own home before making any final decisions.

White Siding with Gray Metal Roof

White siding with a gray metal roof is a classic and timeless combination that can give your home a clean and elegant look. The white siding provides a bright and fresh appearance, while the gray metal roof adds depth and contrast.

This color pairing works well with various architectural styles, from modern to traditional. The white siding also acts as a neutral canvas, allowing you to play with different accent colors for doors, shutters, or trim.

Additionally, white paint is known for its versatility and ability to complement almost any roofing color. So if you’re looking for a sophisticated yet versatile option for your home exterior in 2023, consider white siding with a gray metal roof.

Tips for Painting a Home Exterior 

man painting home exterior

When painting your home’s exterior, it’s important to follow safety protocols and allow adequate time for the paint to dry. But there are more tips you should know! Read on to discover expert advice that will help you achieve a stunning and long-lasting paint job.

Follow Safety Protocols 

We prioritize safety when painting the exterior of your home. It’s crucial to follow safety protocols to protect yourself and others during the process. First, make sure you wear appropriate protective gear, such as gloves, goggles, and a mask, to shield yourself from potential hazards like dust or fumes.

Additionally, be aware of electrical lines or other potential dangers in the area where you’ll be working. Before starting any project, carefully read and follow the instructions on paint cans or labels to ensure proper handling and application.

By taking these precautions and following established guidelines, you can complete your home painting project safely and efficiently.

Allow Adequate Time 

To achieve a high-quality result when painting your home exterior, it’s crucial to allow yourself enough time for the job. Rushing through the process can lead to sloppy work and unsatisfactory outcomes.

By giving yourself ample time, you’ll be able to properly prepare the surfaces, apply multiple coats of paint if needed, and ensure that each layer dries thoroughly before moving on.

This attention to detail will help your chosen house and roof color combinations shine brightly. Remember, taking your time with this project is an investment in the overall appearance and value of your home.


The right house and roof color combination can make a big impact on your home’s appearance. Whether you prefer light gray siding with a dark gray roof or a white house with a black roof, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Consider the warmth or coolness of the colors and if you want something subtle or dramatic. Remember that choosing the perfect combination can boost your curb appeal and even increase your home’s resale value.

So take some time to explore different color combinations and find one that suits your style! And when the time comes to take the plunge on a new roof, contact the pros at Kraft Roofing to get started!

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