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Posted by: Nathan Keiser

The Average Cost of a Roof Replacement in Texas

Calender 10/19/2023
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Are you on the verge of replacing a roof in Texas? Then you might be wondering what it’ll cost to replace a roof right now.

It can be tricky trying to come up with a definitive roof replacement cost in Texas. The cost of installing a roof on a home will usually start at around $11,000 on average. But the price you’ll pay for Texas roofing will vary depending on so many different factors.

In this article, we’re going to break down the factors that’ll affect your roof replacement cost in Texas. But we would also encourage you to contact us to get an accurate estimate of the price you can expect to pay for a new roof.

Get more information on the cost to replace a roof in Texas below.

Factors That’ll Impact the Roof Replacement Cost in Texas

If you look around at all the roofs resting on the tops of the Texas homes that surround yours, you’ll notice they’re all a little bit different. This will help explain why it can be so challenging to calculate the average roof replacement cost in Texas. Almost every roof is unique and will be priced accordingly.

There are, however, factors that a roofing company will take into account when providing you with an estimate for roof replacement. Knowing more about these factors should help you get a general idea of what it’ll cost you to replace the roof on your home.

Here are the factors you should keep in mind as you shop around for the right roof for your Texas house.

The Type of Roof You Want

There are lots of different types of roofing that you can choose to use during a roof replacement project. For example, you can go with an asphalt shingle roof, a composite roof, or even a metal roof.

But you should know that each of these types of roofs will alter your roof replacement cost in Texas. Something like a composite roof isn’t going to cost quite as much as a metal roof will.

It would be worth trying to decide which type of roof you want from the start. It’ll shed some light on how much you might be asked to pay for it when replacing a roof.

The Size of Your Roof

Do you have a gigantic roof with lots of peaks and valleys? Or do you have a mostly flat roof that isn’t that big at all?

Either way, you should recognize that the size of your roof will have an effect on what your roof replacement cost in Texas will be. The larger your new roof is, the more you can expect to pay for it. This makes sense when you consider that a larger roof will require more materials overall.

A larger roof is also going to call for a roofing company to spend more time ripping off your old roof and installing a new one. It’s another reason why the size of your roof will be such a key factor.

The Roofing Company You Choose

Unless you have extensive experience in the roofing industry, replacing a roof on your own will be out of the question. You’ll need to hire a roofing company to lend a hand with your roofing project.

You’ll be happy to hear that there won’t be any shortage of options when you’re looking for a roofing company to help with installing a roof on your home. There are tens of thousands of them throughout the country.

Each roofing company will provide you with a different price for roof replacement services. You should set out to find one that’s going to provide you with superior services without breaking the bank.

The Timeframe of Your Roofing Project

Is your roof on its last legs and starting to leak almost every time it rains? Or are you being proactive about replacing a roof and able to take your time with it?

If you fall into the first category, you might end up having to spend a little more money on roof replacement since you’ll need a roofing company to help you ASAP. If you fall into the second one, you won’t be in such a big hurry and will able to work to get the best deal possible on roof replacement.

What May Happen If You Don’t Make Replacing a Roof a Priority?

Does the roof replacement cost in Texas scare you? If it does, you might be tempted to delay replacing a roof for as long as you can. But this is never a good idea.

If you don’t replace a roof that clearly needs to be replaced, it could result in rainwater leaking into your home. It could also lead to your home’s value taking a tumble since it won’t be in the best shape.

You might find that your old roof will hurt your home’s curb appeal in a big way, too. With each of these things in mind, you should avoid putting off roof replacement at all costs. The right roofing company will be able to provide you with roof financing options as necessary to help you cover the cost to replace a roof.

Who Should You Trust With Installing a Roof?

If you’re very concerned about paying the cost to replace a roof, working with the right roofing company in Texas should help to alleviate some of your fears. Kraft Roofing and Construction is the roofing company you can count on for all your roofing needs.

We can help you face the roof replacement cost in Texas head-on by providing you with a free estimate and financing options. You may be able to finance a roof through Sunlight Financial when you work with us to make the cost of replacing a roof so much more manageable than it would be otherwise.

Give Us a Call to Get a Roof Replacement Estimate

Would you like to find out exactly how much it’ll cost you to replace your roof in Texas? Kraft Roofing and Construction can take a look at your current roof and tell you what your roof replacement cost in Texas will be.

Contact us today to schedule a free consultation for roof replacement.

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