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Kraft Roofing stands as Magnolia, TX’s premier choice for comprehensive roofing repairs and services in the wake of storm damage. More than mere contractors, we position ourselves as vital members of the community, your steadfast partners committed to maintaining the safety and well-being of your homes. Take proactive steps against potential roofing problems; contact us for an in-depth quote today.

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Our Commitment: Ensuring Your Peace of Mind

The unpredictable nature of life calls for a dependable safeguard for your place of peace…your home. Kraft Roofing is available around the clock, ready to restore your roof’s integrity post-storm. Experience unparalleled peace of mind with our repair solutions, designed to handle insurance claims efficiently on your behalf. Our mission is to relieve your concerns through dedicated, supportive service.

Seamless Process for Roof Recovery After Storm Damage

Dealing with the aftermath of storm damage can be overwhelming, but securing your home’s safety is non-negotiable. We’ve simplified the process into manageable steps to ensure your home’s protection is promptly restored:

1. Initial Damage Inspection

Post-storm, promptly assess the damage once it’s safe to do so. A visual inspection from the ground is essential, looking for signs like missing shingles or potential leaks. For an exhaustive analysis, professional expertise is key. Not all signs of damage are immediately visible, emphasizing the need for an expert review. Quick action is vital in preventing small issues from escalating.

2. Finding a Reliable Roofing Professional

In the storm’s aftermath, the demand for skilled roofing professionals increases. Ensure you’re choosing wisely by researching local service providers, examining their reviews, and seeking recommendations.

Open and clear communication is crucial. A skilled contractor will update you regularly on the repairs needed, material choices, and timelines.

3. Immediate Temporary Measures

Acting swiftly to cover damaged areas with tarps can prevent further issues, like water damage. These measures, while temporary, should be professionally done to ensure they’re effectively replaced or adjusted when it’s time for permanent repairs.

4. Preparation for Permanent Repair Work

Success in lasting roof repairs starts with detailed planning. Gather the necessary materials and tools in advance, such as roofing cement, nails, sealants, a utility knife, and appropriate shingles.

Measurements need to be precise to accommodate the unique aspects of your roof, which could affect the materials or tools needed.

5. Prioritizing Safety During Repairs

Roof repairs come with inherent dangers and require careful attention to safety. If you’re uneasy with heights or handling specific equipment, consider hiring professionals.

Always work with a partner for tasks like stabilizing ladders, and use safety equipment including non-slip shoes, harnesses, and secure ladders.

6. Navigating Your Insurance Claims

Document the damage thoroughly before starting any repairs. Photos and videos can serve as vital proof.

Be present during the insurance adjuster’s visit to discuss the damage and answer any questions. Keep detailed records of all insurance communications and documentation.

Customer Reviews

See What Our Customers Have To Say!

Customer Reviews

See What Our Customers Have To Say!

Quan Dinh profile picture

Quan Dinh

Quan Dinh

Nate did a fantastic job not only on repairing the roof on my existing home but inspecting the roof on the purchase of my new house. He was alway available when I needed him. He is professional, punctual and dependable! It’s great to see a company operate with such work ethic and integrity!

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Kraft Roofing’s Pledge to Magnolia, TX Residents

Kraft Roofing is dedicated to providing Magnolia, TX, with services you can rely on. Our A+ rating with the BBB and outstanding customer reviews testify to our commitment to excellence. When you choose Kraft Roofing, you’re entering a partnership focused on strengthening your home’s defenses against the elements. Explore our services and discover how we can improve your home’s resilience to storm damage today.


Got a Question?

Do you provide financing options?

Yes! We partner with both Sunlight Finance and Wisetack Financing.

How quickly can you provide a roof inspection?

We can be at your property to perform an inspection within 1-2 days after your initial call. You will receive an accurate estimate once the inspection has been completed.

What warranties do you provide?

We make sure to choose high-quality products that come with reliable manufacturer warranties. Additionally, we offer 7-10 year labor warranties on all of our services.

Why should I choose Kraft?

We are an experienced contractor with over 13 years in the roofing industry. We are committed to providing exceptional workmanship paired with quality customer service.

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